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Most outlets of KFC are located in the urban areas. Income is the primary decisive factor that producers consider before availing a particular type of product to consumers. They launched this activity through Mumbai famous Dabbawallas. On the basis of this analysis marketing plan is drafted. In most of their market segments, their products are out of reach for people who belong to the poor working class.

The major objectives are defined by the corporate level strategies and all other level strategies play a supportive role in achieving those objectives Findlay and Sparks, Price is another marketing mix strategy used by the firm to remain competitive in the market.

Price The food items of this food chain are provided to the clients at the reasonable rates and they can afford to buy these foods. Most firms always implement two types of segmentation namely post hoc and priori segmentation. Along with briefing the objectives mission statement also determines the boundaries for organizational operations.

For instance, children are always served a meal with toys while elderly person — veggie burger. By making the best interrogation of internal and external analysis an organization can make effective strategies. The contribution to individual business unit strategies is holed by the each function so as in corporate level strategy too.

Huge force employees with latest technology effectively manage operations and products are delivered at right time and at right place. As such their demands keep on changing. So any change in corporate level strategy directly affects the business and functional level activities.

Sustainable Relationship between the Customer and the Business Customers change their tastes and preferences from time to time. The major variables which should be considered in market segmentation includes the benefits of the product, the brand preference, brand loyalty, brand usage pattern, the purchase pattern of the product, the lifestyle and status of the consumers, and the opinion and attitude of the customers about the effects of the brand on the environment.

Marketing Plan of KFC

Market segmentation is an effective marketing strategy which every organization should embrace to remain competitive. Integrating the business activities. Initially, the company utilized niche marketing to promote its products to the consumers. Most of the products offered by KFC are expensive.

Besides, the products are offered at the right prices and quantity. This allows the firm to create value for its products by meeting the needs of people who have both low and high income.

Besides, it would be able to identify whether the market would be profitable and can be sustained in the long run. Besides, the firm will be obligated to maintain a larger inventory to allow it serve all the markets.

All marketing activities should be performed according to plan by focusing on objectives. As such, customers can get the right quality of products and the right place.

In the emerging market, the industrial activities are now in full swing and the people find it difficult to do their lunch so they look for the suitable food chain to do their lunch. KFC considers the following demographic factors in its market segmentation.

In this case, the products offered by KFC target people from the upper class who have a high income. KFC has demographically segmented its market to cater for the different customers who reside in various cities where it has its outlets.

Marketer of the Year: KFC

KFC offers differential pricing. KFC Strategies Marketing Project Report discusses about Critical Analysis of Segmentation, Sustainable Relationship between the Customer and the Business, Stimulating Innovation, How KFC Utilizes Segmentation Theory and. We present you KFC marketing mix.

KFC is one of the best fast food chains with the most amazing menu in chicken dishes. Please read the article on marketing mix of KFC shows how KFC initially opened its outlets in metros and Tier I. KFC is the specialist in fried chicken and it has set up over 17, restaurants and outlets in about countries of the world to provide the fast food to its lovers.

Marketing Mix of KFC analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). KFC marketing mix explains the business & marketing strategies of the brand.

It also consists of Service Mix (Process, People, Physical Evidence). KFC employs a marketing strategy similar to other large fast food chains, performing rigorous consumer research and market testing, coupling both with an aggressive national ad campaign.

Celebrity endorsements are also used, while social media advertising is twinned with the opportunity for. Segmentation, targeting, positioning in the Marketing strategy of KFC. KFC (Kentucky Fried chicken) uses demographic segmentation to serve the market as per the customer needs & wants.

The consumers of KFC are the young as well as young adults.

Marketing kfc
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