Religiously confused

God revealed the Bible to make known his will. When Allah sent Muhammad as the Last and Final Prophet and Messenger to all of the Children of Adam, mankind was required to believe in him, obey him and refrain from what he prohibited them; those who do this are true believers.

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His teaching does not divide people. No Pope, no Wesley, no nothing much at all really. Ukhti please don't doubt Allah's wisdom. But don't worry about that because there is no hell.

In my opinion, the metaphorical death of romance is quite inevitable. We must check out all teachings by the Bible Acts He brings everything to a sharp point and causes people to make difficult choices. That may be literally true but is more likely allegorical.

We can truly be made free from sin only if we know the truth - John 8: I wasn't going to let mainstream orthodox Christian doctrine influence what I read. You may need someone to get you started, but you should never ever believe what someone tells you about the Bible.

And ii respect the prophet with all my heart. I don't blame anybody for thinking the churches are messed up. But God is not the author of confusion - 1 Cor.

Please do try to understand that I'm looking for solutions so I would appreciate if you would not attack me. I only heard about God in general terms from TV and my parents. I asked some faerie oracle cards about religion the other day and they seemed to be quite clear, Christianity in my past made me self reliant and gave me inner strength, in my present I was acknowledging nature but lacked strength and commitment and in my future it was about the relatioship of the parent and child and it was about my inner child, I took these two cards in combination to quite clearly show a need to return to Christianity.

But there is only one true faith and only one true body which is the church - Eph. Family or friends "I was brought up in this church.

Malik - Rest assured that the believers Muslimsthe Jews, the Sabians and the Christians - whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and does righteous deeds - will have nothing to fear or to regret. Hello there sisters and brothers, I'm a fellow sister who is in the dark right now.

I feel that ii dont need a religion. He did not fail; therefore we can understand. Sometimes we just make up things that seem right to us, or the way we think God and religion should work. We have articles about Bible study and knowledge, denominationalism, man-made creeds, and human authority, etc.

That aside, here I was, a part of the Church of England. Before that, every person who followed the guidance of his own Prophet was on the correct path, following the correct guidance and was saved.

Even if a person studies and quotes the Bible, he may not be using it properly Matt. Or perhaps the Bible is in error or inaccurate on some points. I don't know what else I am supposed to do at this point in time.

Religiously confused?

If ii go to another religion and my questions are answered, my family and the Muslims would get mad at me for finding something that im comfortable with. You are very confused indeed.

Does the Bible contradict itself?. May 30,  · Hi everyone.:wave: I have been so religiously confused lately it isn't even funny anymore. I don't know what to do. I think I find the right. Buy Religiously Confused by Religiously Confused (eBook) online at Lulu.

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May 30,  · I have been so religiously confused lately it isn't even funny anymore. I don't know what to do. I think I find the right church for me and then something changes my mind and I have to consider it again and I end up going somewhere else. May 02,  · Featured Religiously Confused.

Discussion in 'General Religious Debates' started by JayToka, May 1, Jan 15,  · Religiously confused? ok, so i grew up christian. but haven't been to church since i was 11 because i'm against organized religion (i was definitely never atheist, i just don't believe putting your ideals on someone else and saying that it's Gods word, and you Status: Resolved.

Religiously confused
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