Writing automation scripts in qtp interview

Define the ProdCode column header location based on the column name. Sample 2 Okay, so this information is useful, but what about the rest of the products.

Each time an app runs, there are also other objects created during run-time which are called run-time objects. Return the time in seconds that the application took to run.

What is data-driven testing in QTP. Your application may contain objects that behave like standard objects but are not recognized by QTP.

QTP Interview Questions

It generates beautiful HTML reports. While the Smart Identification mechanism is more complex, it is more flexible, and thus, if configured logically, a Smart Identification definition can probably help QTP identify an object, if it is present, even when the recorded description fails.

Please refer to his LinkedIn page for more information. Do you have personal experience with any of the resources I listed above. Try to look up methods and properties that you are selecting and think about how to avoid selecting them at all.

Go through the the tutorial word by word. Why we cannot go for ordinal identifiers directly. If you are struggling to install and configure Python on your system, start with Python Anywhere while you learn the basics and then return to the install process later on.

Pop Up Window 2.

QTP - Automated Testing Process

Question — How does QTP identifies the object in the application. Taking the time to give variables meaningful names and utilizing white space consistently are surprisingly helpful ways to make your code more readable.

I first stumbled upon Code Academy and their teaching products one-and-a-half years ago when I was developing a course on Python, computer vision, and OpenCV.

Throughout your implementation Mercury applies these best practices to your specific situation, creating world-class procedures for you that drive long-term success. The vast majority of VBA solutions are written in Excel.

Notice the name of the procedure follows Pascal Case and ends in the version number, which is useful as you discover alternative ways of writing code. Wrap the loop containing the function in lines 83 and 96, as I did in the example, and that solves the problem in a simple way.

This new mindset is the result of understanding the object hierarchy of these applications or even using the macro recorder effectively. Notice the comment on line 80 that refers to running another procedure: Learn R1C1 cell referencing: How can you execute javascript on qtp.

This name would be used by the QTP to map the object name in script with its corresponding description in the object repository.

Top 15 Automation Testing Interview Questions & Answers

It records the operations, like; drawing a picture, recording signature, drag and drop operations. Create your pivot table manually by dragging the columns you want into the appropriate dimensions, filtering, grouping, formatting the values, etc. Here, Tutorialspoint is the logical name of the object.

Top 100 QTP / UFT Interview Questions & Answers

In Shared Object Repository, you can re-use objects between two or more scripts. In this mode, operation of mouse in x, y co-ordinates helps in recording the objects. One of the most important aspect of QTP automation is - How to identify objects i.e.

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using Object Repository(OR) or Descriptive programming(DP) or both. Automation Testing is a technique using an automation tool to write and execute tester's test scripts and cases.

The main goal of Automation Testing is to reduce the number of test cases to be run manually and not eliminate Manual Testing altogether. Tech Mahendra QTP interview questions for experienced 1) have u ever involved in Test planning Ans) yes i have involved, Test plan is a document which gives the overall direction to the testing.

How To Explain Test Automation Framework To The Interviewer

2) Test Data Generation 3) Developing Automation Framework 4) Writing Generic and Application Specific Functions 4) Running Automation Scripts 5) Maintaining Scripts etc.

Question 2. What are the Tool Evaluation Criteria? A- Tool Evaluation Criteria based on multiple factors like. 1. Types of Environment Support. 2. QTP Automated Testing Process - Learn what is QTP (QuickTest Professional) and associated concepts in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Record and Play Back, Object Repository, Actions, DataTables, Checkpoints, Synchronization, Debugging, Recovery Scenarios, Environment Variables, Test Results, Objects, Virtual Objects.

Answer / shafi. hi Using Descriptive Programming automation scripts can be created in QTP even if the application has not been developed. Whenever QTP records any action on any object of an.

Writing automation scripts in qtp interview
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